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Avalon European Floral Sympathy and Funeral Services

The Immediate Family

  The family usually orders a casket spray  and one or two beautiful tall full vases or baskets for on either end of the casket.  Sometimes traditional ribbons indicating the deceased person’s relationships are woven into the designs e.g. “Mother,” “Grandmother,” “Sister.”   Often, the family chooses to have a horizontal or corner piece that matches the other flowers for the inside of the casket.

When there is no casket, a personalized fresh floral table or easel display may include an urn, photographs, candles and tribute memorabilia with beautiful flowers shown either behind in a tall display or on front in a low table centerpiece style.

Extended Family, Neighborhood, Co-workers, Groups

Beautiful tall full vase of fresh flowers is lovely for the funeral home, the service and for the family to take home.

European Plant Baskets contain a mixture of green and blooming plants or fresh flowers in an interesting container.  Sometimes these are divided by the family and taken home as a keepsake
Green Tropical Plants with or without an added fresh floral spray presented in a nice pot suitable for a home or office.

Traditional one-sided baskets with fresh flowers with or without a sympathy ribbon are available by calling Avalon at 800.967.4444

Individual or More Modest Tributes

Blooming plants are a colorful and dignified way of conveying condolences.

Tall narrow bud vases with one or two stems of orchid or beautiful lilies are always tasteful are available by calling Avalon at 800.967.4444.

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