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The family usually orders a casket spray and one or two beautiful tall full vases or baskets for on either end of the casket.  Sometimes traditional ribbons indicating the deceased person’s relationships are woven into the designs e.g. “Mother,” “Grandmother,” “Sister.”   Often, the family chooses to have a panel piece that matches the other flowers for the inside edge or corner of the casket.  Casket sprays are sometimes made from seasonal multi-colored flowers or a favorite color that the deceased family member loved.  White is always considered a peaceful dignified color for casket sprays. 
Casket sprays are designed for either an opened or closed casket.  Prices for our beautiful casket sprays vary widely depending on the size of the spray and varieties of flowers and fullness of the design.  Avalon’s staff is to modify designs to fit your family’s circumstances. Family sympathy orders are usually taken in person or over the telephone.  If you are ordering online, please use the notes section to include specific requests and panel piece requirements and ribbon titles e.g. “Mother” “Uncle”.
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$149.99 Modest (fewer flowers, more foliage)
$229.99 Full (more varieties of flowers) minimum suggested for closed casket
$349.00 Lush (full with premium flowers) suggested for closed casket

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